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Experiments With Google’s Indexing Time

At DynamiX, we love nothing more than getting deep into statistics to find out what trends are taking place, what small changes can make a significant impact to the results gained on a particular page, etc. But this one is just plain easy to track, and is very helpful in determining when your site has reached Google’s index.

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Having Fun With Words (Or, How to Visualize Your Site Text)

Visualizing Your Site Text

We just came across a great site for visualizing your blog content. It’s called …

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Three Great Resources For Web Designers

Great Web Designer Resources!

Keeping up with web technology resources can be of tremendous benefit to any good website designer. As an organization, the DynamiX team frequents all of these sites with great regularity, and flag/categorize important articles for later reference. In so doing, we are able to stay in touch with the latest trends and upcoming technologies that will continue to change the face of the web, and are able to ensure we are continuing to move forward on our own work…

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Seven Great Icon Sets For Web Designers

FREE Commercial Use Icons

There are literally thousands of icon sets out there. Some are free for personal use, some free for commercial use and many are paid sets. We often come across sites that feature great icon sets that they claim as “free,” with no explanation as to whether they are personal or commercial licenses (they are often only free for personal use). To clear things up and provide icons that you can actually use for your projects, we have compiled our own list of only the best icon sets that we could find that are all completely free for COMMERCIAL use. Enjoy!

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