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css: add a “loading” icon to your larger images

CSS Only Loading Icon

Let’s say that you have a large image (or several large images) on a particular page, and you want to let visitors know that the image is loading. You could use a piece of javascript to embed a “loading” image for all images that have not yet loaded, but unless you are loading a ton of very large images on a single page, we have a much simpler (and cleaner) method to accomplish the same thing.

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css: preloading images with css

Preload Images with CSS

Now excuse me for pulling up an old chestnut, but this is one that comes up often for people who are just starting out with CSS and want to avoid the extensive javascript output by many website design applications such as Dreamweaver and the dreaded Front Page. This method only requires a very minor understanding of CSS, cleans up your markup and achieves the desired effect.

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